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Clean for Oxygen Services


BCS Inc is the industry leader on Oxygen Precision Cleaning. We have developed procedures and systems which meet standards ASTM G93. We have been in the Oxygen Cleaning business for over 25 Years and have developed methodology by our research and extensive experience in thoroughly cleaning customers systems and parts.


Oxygen Precision Cleaning

Our state-of-the-art clean room and laboratories were custom built to meet the precise demands of oxygen precision cleaning. Quality Control is of upmost importance, with documents, packaging and solvent cleaning BCS Inc demands top quality in every aspect of Precision Cleaning.

BCS Inc standard cleaning process consists of pre-cleaning and precision cleaning. We have developed systems with various wash and rinse stations. Ultrasonic baths, recirculating baths, detergent, and de-ionized water. Once washed and rinsed, parts are dried and purged before packaging into certified-clean primary and secondary bags. All cleaning processes can be customized with requests from customers to meet specific needs.

BCS Inc is capable of meeting oxygen cleaning specifications in standards such as ASTM G93, ISO 15001 EIGA 33/06, SAE ARP1176, CGA 4.1, MIL-1330D,  and more based on customer request.